Bar 3 Quarter Horse Ranch & Outfitters

30726 Sauk Prairie Road

Darrington, WA 98241

Phone: 360-436-1644

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I am aware that during my participation in this horseback trip with Bar 3 Quarter Horse Ranch & Outfitters there are certain dangers that may occur, including but not limited to loss of personal property, that hazards of horseback riding, that hazards of back country travel, accidents or illness in remote places without medical facilities and the forces of nature.  Furthermore, I certify that I & or my family & I (including any minor children), are fully capable of participating in this activity.


In consideration, and as payment for, the right to participate in such trips or activities and the services for me.  I have and do hereby assume all risk associated with this trip as mentioned above will hold Bar 3 Quarter Horse Ranch & Outfitters, their employees, subcontractors or volunteers helpers harmless from any & all liability, action, debts, claims demands of every kind & nature whatsoever which may arise out of or connection with my horseback trip or participation in any activities arranged for me.


The terms of this “WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTIONS OF RISK” shall serve as release & assumption of risk for myself, minor family members, heirs, executor, & administrators & for all members of my family, including all minors accompanying me.  (Parents or legal guardians must also sign for all persons under 21 years).  BOTH PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS MUST SIGN FOR ALL MINORS.


I have read, understand & accept the terms & conditions stated herein & acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon us during the entire trip period& associated activities


      Signature of Participant


______________________    (both must sign) _______________________

Parent or Legal Guardian for Minor           Parent or Legal Guardian for Minor


Dated this _______________   day of _____________________    ,20_____